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If you would like The Sole Provider to consign your items and upload and advertise them through our internet and social media sales channels, the following process applies:


1. Email us at with your consignment request, we will then forward a copy of our consignment form, which the consigner will have to fill out and sign.

2. We will assess the Consignment Application and notify you if your application has been accepted.

3.  goods are to be shipped to us at your expense, if you are in Cape Town, you may drop the items off.

4. We will then upload your item to our online platform and advertise the item to our audience.

5. We will notify you once goods have been sold, and arrange payment.

6. If and when the item sells, payment will be made no later than 5 business days after the sale has been concluded via EFT only.



Our consignment fee is 10% of the sales price. Excluding shipping costs and transaction fees.



Our Consigners supply us with a price they would like for the item and we negotiate to where we are both satisfied with the said price. Our prices are market related.

If the customer makes an offer on your item, we will let the cosigner know and the consigner can decide whether they would like to accept the offer or not.



Our consignment period is 3 months. if either  you or The Sole Provider may, at any time, decide to withdraw the consignment of any or all of the Goods which have not yet been sold, provided,

however, that you agree that you will not withdraw the Goods prior to 14 days after the date of signing the Consignment Agreement.

If you would like to withdraw from the agreement early, we will be entitled to an penalty fee equal to R200 per item.


If you have any further queries or questions email us at for more information.


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